सांगठनिक संरचना 2019-21(NRNA-NCC KSA Working Committee 2019-21)

सांगठनिक संरचना 2019-21, NRNA NCC SAUDI ARABIA

PDF फाइलका लागि यहाँ थिच्नुहोसः>>>Organization chart 2019-21, NRNA NCC KSA Organization chart 2019-21 Full details, NRNA NCC KSA


Full Name Designation Contact # Email
Tej Bahadur Thapa Chhetri President 00966504438377 [email protected]
Dhurba Kumar Rijal Sr. Vice President 00966505910744 [email protected]
Bishal Shrestha Vice President 00966535470253 [email protected]
Bhola Nath Paudel Vice President 00966598334109 [email protected]
Roshan Kumar Shrestha Vice President 00966545226844 [email protected]
Manoj Baral Vice President 00966599353414 baralmanoj44[email protected]
Umesh Bhattarai General Secretary 00966596251661 [email protected]
Lal Bahadur Magar Secretary 00966561541062 [email protected]
Santosh Luitel Treasurer 00966567289521 [email protected]
Yogendra Bahadur Shrestha Joint Treasurer 00966 597974011 [email protected]
Bishnu Prasad Neupane Spokes Person 00966590887222 [email protected]
Rabina Aryal Women Coordinator 00966544235035 [email protected]
Raj Kumar Shrestha Youth Coordinator 00966501684064 [email protected]
Bishanu Prasad Pokharel Member 00966500924097 [email protected]
Chandara Mani Bhandari Member 00966553150146 [email protected]
Narendra Bahadur Karki Member 00966569736026 [email protected]
Satya Narayan KC Member 00966508825143 [email protected]
Ram Bahadur Chhetri Member 00966540991742 [email protected]
Bal Krishna Pangeni Member 00966547254188 [email protected]
Shukra Lama Member 00966550748154 [email protected]
Manish Koirala Member 00966581605697 [email protected]
Ram Jatan Yadav Member 00966535691785 [email protected]
Krishna Kumar Shrestha Member 00966544848768 [email protected]
Ex-Officio Members:
Arjun Thapa Ex-Officio Member 00966544994328 [email protected]
Ramjan Din Miya Ex-Officio Member 00966570027615 [email protected]
Raj Kumar Giri Ex-Officio Member 00966541596759 [email protected]
Hem Subedi Ex-Officio Member `00966530288127 [email protected]
Rabindra Tamang Acting Ex-Officio Member 00966564640286 [email protected]
Damar Yadav Chief Advisor 00966596563050 [email protected]
Bhakta Bahadur Hamal Advisor 00966555347025 [email protected]
Dipak Shahi Advisor 00966567490975 [email protected]
Dr. Anirudra Pathak Advisor 00966571219799 [email protected]
Raju Sayed Petron Member 00966582221562 [email protected]
Bimal Gautam Petron Member 00966540460754 [email protected]
Om Ghale Petron Member 00966534510942 [email protected]
Birendra Kumar Chaudhary Petron Member 00966540547829 [email protected]
Purushottam Shrestha Petron Member 00966504273163 [email protected]
NRNA ICC Members:
John Aryal DRC Middle East 00966500490398 [email protected]
Yasmin Begum ICC Member 00966583539399 [email protected]
Narayan Paswan ICC Member 0096658517861 [email protected]
Ramesh Bhandari Honorary C. Member 00966543312837 [email protected]

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